About us

Financial aid management is a challenge for students and academic institutions alike.

With many families hard-pressed to meet the escalating costs of higher education, post-secondary schools of all types must find new ways to provide their students with financial aid programs they can afford and manage long-term. Students must acquire financial literacy so they can make smarter borrowing decisions and successfully manage their debt, especially during the traditionally lean years immediately following graduation.

Socle Education addresses these challenges by providing academic institutions with guidance and support in financial aid engineering and management. Born out of proven national Best Practices, our programs help ensure students get access to the instruments they need to finance their higher education and the guidance they may require to properly manage the debt they accumulate. We help schools like yours maintain their image and regulatory standing with programs that help ensure access to federal and state education funding.

Headquartered in San Clemente, Calif., Socle provides proven expertise in financial aid application processing,automated file review, paperless record keeping, regulatory compliance to help schools maintain financial stability and meet present and future regulatory requirements.

Socle can help you establish and maintain the solid education, administrative and technical infrastructure that lets your institution increase its internal efficiencies and support sustainable quality and growth.

Socle Education Delivers:

  • A fast, low-cost paperless financial aid application system.
  • A convenient web-based student interface.
  • Efficient electronic document management and auto file review.
  • Valuable automated verification capabilities.
  • Full visibility for management audit purposes.
  • Comprehensive implementation team and support services with extensive knowledge of Financial Aid throughout the student life cycle.

SOCLE is the Roman term for the base that supports a pedestal sculpture or column. Socle Education provides the foundation and expertise upon which great educational institutions are built.