Financial Aid Processing Software (SaaS)

Financial Aid processing has never been more challenging. As tuition costs have risen, so has the demand for financial aid. At the same time, regulations have become more complex and government oversight more severe. How can your institution meet these challenges and remain cost-efficient?

Socle Education’s Financial Aid software is designed from the ground up to help you meet these challenges, and more. Central to our solution is CenterPoint, a Cloud-based portal that improves the financial aid packaging and verification process by giving students mobile access to upload documents, electronic signature of documents and real-time review of Financial Aid awards virtually. Using CenterPoint, your Financial Aid staff can review and verify your financial aid awards in less than 48 hours (on average) and at a fraction of the cost you’re paying now.

CenterPoint is truly a cutting edge solution that brings Financial Aid processing into the 21st century.

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